Security made in Germany.
GDPR compliant

We protect and secure your data.

mantau offers secure encryption using modern methods and is operated by the renowned provider EXEC IT Solutions GmbH in the secure German data centre.

Secure data encryption

All connections to and from mantau are TLS-encrypted. Different cipher suites are supported. Accesses to HTTP are automatically redirected to HTTPS.

All data, all information and user data - e.g. group names, messages, files, appointments - are stored in encrypted form. Due to special security precautions, even administrators at EXEC and in the computer centre are not able to view data.

Data belongs entirely to the user, only he determines who is allowed to see which data. EXEC does not collect or pass on any user data, contact details or contact connections (cf. American provider).

German data centre with highly available technical infrastructure

EXEC IT Solutions operates mantau exclusively in German data centres that are ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS 3 certified.

These are connected to a high-performance city ring and a multi-redundant backbone - with various national and international exchange nodes and network interconnections. In this way, even real-time parallel operation of particularly demanding high-availability solutions distributed across the data centres is reliably realised.

The optimal operational security of the IT systems is additionally guaranteed by a secure power supply and air conditioning, automatic fire detection, a regularly audited access control procedure and professional 24/7 management. This enables the highest performance with an availability of up to 99.99%.

GDPR compliant app

mantau complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) and German data protection laws. This naturally includes an agreement on order processing.

Certified according to IDW PS 951

mantau is developed and operated by EXEC IT Solutions GmbH in Germany. The seal of approval for our services, a certification in accordance with IDW PS 951, certifies to our clients that we have an appropriate internal control system (dIKS).

Complience is effectively ensured through extensive controls.

Sustainability promise: 100% green electricity from renewable energies

The data centre where we operate mantau is supplied with certified green electricity from regional wind power.

The electricity provided comes 100% from wind power plants in Schleswig-Holstein and does not cause any climate-damaging CO2 emissions or radioactive waste during generation.

Safety & Technology at a glance


Data protection GDPR compliant

Meets all requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.


Server location Germany

Operation in high-performance, certified data centers.


Encrypted transfer

All connections to and from mantau are TLS encrypted.


Encrypted storage

Encrypted data and data media.


Secure authentication

Secure registration procedures and address verification.


AV contract with customers

Order processing agreement with organizations.


Data belongs to user

No collection and disclosure of user or contact information.


Certified German provider

IDW PS 951-certified, many years of expertise.


Data protection training

Regular training of all EXEC employees on data protection and data security.


Password strength defaults

Check for password strength on capture, minimum compliance mandatory.


High availability infrastructure

Operation with highest performance and availability of up to 99.99%.


100% green electricity from wind power

Data center powered by renewable energy.

"With mantau, we want to help nonprofit organisations
to help them win over people and
create more time for what's important."

Stefan Schwaderlapp, 
Founder of EXEC IT Solutions GmbH

EXEC IT Solutions GmbH,
Experts in IT and data security since 1992

We specialise in the development of secure solutions for risk management, fraud prevention, business processes and encrypted data transmission/communication. Well-known credit institutions as well as large, international telecommunications companies have trusted us for more than 30 years. We also use our know-how and techniques for mantau.

High security standards

Benefit from our expertise in regulatory matters and the increased security requirements of our banking customers. We operate mantau for our users and customers in the same highly secure and high-performance technology environment.

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