mantau is:

Secure cloud storage, a data box for all your files and file sharing

Group chat and cloud storage combined.

Ideal for decentralised NPOs. Store all documents or files of your group(s) in one place. For storage or file sharing via secure cloud storage on encrypted servers in a certified German data centre.

The data box in mantau works like a file manager.

One of the important tools for groups or organisations is a shared data store for exchanging and storing files, such as Office documents, PDF files or photos and graphics.

All mantau features at a glance

Easy file upload

In each group, there is sufficient storage volume available for uploading and storing shared files. Similar and simple as known from the conventional file manager, file folders can be clearly created and files added.

Always available for all members without version confusion.

Save attachments from messages

mantau finally puts an end to redundant data storage and the associated daily effort. Because file attachments in the group chat also easily find their place in the mantau data box.

With mantau, everyone can access the same data from anywhere and any device, depending on their role and authorisation. This saves a lot of time, also when finding relevant documents.

Add document description to files

In mantau, each file can optionally be provided with a detailed document description. This helps other or new group members.

Convenient preview

mantau offers a quick preview of all graphic formats. For example, shared photo folders can be browsed quickly.

Easy sharing in the group, fast download

Even many files or entire folders can be shared or uploaded and downloaded quickly and easily in the group. Files are transferred to the mantau data box according to the highest security standards. 

All connections to and from mantau are TLS-encrypted. All files are stored exclusively in a German, certified data center on hardware-encrypted data carriers.

mantau is a DSGVO-compliant, secure German alternative to conventional cloud-only storage.

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And this is how it works! Organise your groups easily with mantau.

mantau is simple and intuitive to use. Step by step we guide you along the setup.

Get started now

Use on every device you have - at the same time!

Available wherever the features are needed at the moment.

All groups and content are available everywhere and synchronously on all devices where you have mantau installed. Ideal for quick messaging on the way - as well as longer texting when using a computer. Ideal for hybrid work environments.


Mobile App

For smartphones and tablets with iOS from version 14


Mobile App

For smartphones and tablets with Android version 8.0



For Windows, macOS, ChromeOS with common browsers/PWA

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