mantau is:

Modern groupware and collaboration tool for more efficient group cooperation

"Manage" groups, members, communities

Simple messengers offer group chats for communication, e.g. WhatsApp groups. If different topics or processes are discussed, it becomes confusing for everyone involved. mantau, on the other hand, offers a clear and comprehensible structure for everyone. By using mantau the cooperation in voluntary operating groups is most efficient.

"Groups in groups" for more overview, structure and transparency

If one group is not enough, then any number of further groups can be created within a group. Either with a limited amount of members - or simply for thematic structuring. Depending on the purpose.

All mantau features at a glance

Administrators create groups

Group administrators create groups, choose appropriate labels and assign members.

Administrators assign roles and rights

Use the elaborate mantau permission system to determine who is allowed to write, read only, moderate, organize, or administrate or who is visible to others. Members can also participate anonymously in a group, e.g. newsletter or groups who just want to provide information.

Designing groups according to your needs

Depending on the needs of a group, functions can be added: Messages, files, events, requests.

The functions can also be added or removed at any time.

Divide groups into subgroups if required

A mantau group with its members can be further divided into subgroups if required, according to intention, function, topics or projects.

So, messages, events, and files are always found in the right context, and - step by step - a complete, comprehensible and clear structure of groups is created.

Whether a simple group or a large organisation with networked groups

mantau allows you to adapt it to your organisation. Whether you use mantau for a small group or "map" a widely branched organisation, where you structure, network and manage groups.

Groups can also be assigned to other groups as user groups. This means that even in large organisations you can ensure the accurate integration of all stakeholders with minimal effort.

The group editor

With the group editor, mantau offers an ideal aid for creating a group structure.

You can use the editor as required, especially if you want to "map" a larger organisation - and want to prepare the structure with groups and subgroups first.

Get started now

And this is how it works! Organise your groups easily with mantau.

mantau is simple and intuitive to use. Step by step we guide you along the setup.

Get started now

Use on every device you have - at the same time!

Available wherever the features are needed at the moment.

All groups and content are available everywhere and synchronously on all devices where you have mantau installed. Ideal for quick messaging on the way - as well as longer texting when using a computer. Ideal for hybrid work environments.


Mobile App

For smartphones and tablets with iOS from version 14


Mobile App

For smartphones and tablets with Android version 8.0



For Windows, macOS, ChromeOS with common browsers/PWA

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