mantau is:

Event calendar for the group and personal diary

Group or team calendar and personal diary in one

Finally plan appointments together in the group and create an overview. Fully integrated, centralised, quick and easy for everyone. Makes life together a little easier.

Professional scheduling for efficient cooperation in organisations, associations, initiatives. 

Appointments are simply part of everyday life. Whether training sessions, events, meetings, committee or board meetings, the interaction in organisations, associations and initiatives is characterised by common appointments. Ideally, they should use a common - and yet personal - appointment calendar for their scheduling in future.

All mantau features at a glance

Create events for the group

Administrators of a group create events for the group. This works easily and quickly, just like other calendars. Reminder functions included.

Acceptance and cancellation of event invitations

Members who have been invited to events can give feedback quickly and easily. This saves effort in the group chat, protects the group members - and gives the inviter an overview of members who have accepted or cancelled.

Video conference combined with calendar

The video conference tool integrated in mantau is directly combined with the calendar. This way you can also plan digital events and start the video conference of the group to the appointment directly from the calendar.

Overview and transparency of all group events

All members in the group can see their events. So nothing is forgotten any more.

Personal overview of all events for all your groups

mantau users who are in several groups at the same time can see an overview of all the events in their groups. This makes the mantau diary a personal assistant.

And by synchronising the appointments with the calendar of your mobile device, you can bring all your appointments into one overview.

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And this is how it works! Organise your groups easily with mantau.

mantau is simple and intuitive to use. Step by step we guide you along the setup.

Get started now

Use on every device you have - at the same time!

Available wherever the features are needed at the moment.

All groups and content are available everywhere and synchronously on all devices where you have mantau installed. Ideal for quick messaging on the way - as well as longer texting when using a computer. Ideal for hybrid work environments.


Mobile App

For smartphones and tablets with iOS from version 14


Mobile App

For smartphones and tablets with Android version 8.0



For Windows, macOS, ChromeOS with common browsers/PWA

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