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Universal form builder
for surveys, bookings, protocols and much more

From group surveys to confidential data retrieval

Digitising forms is an important concern of modern organisations. Forms can be used to regulate processes, structure data collection, and even support collaboration.

Simply create any digital form for your group, e.g. surveys, schedules, or feedback forms. Or use forms to let group members input formal information, e.g. registrations forms or internal orders.

mantau offers an integrated form builder that is also ideal for supplementing WhatsApp groups.

Surveys, polls, registrations, etc.

Forms made available to group members by the organiser for a limited time. Typically, they come with a call to all group members to fill in the form within a certain period of time. By using the form the organiser intends retrieving a joint result in order to evaluate the answers of all group members.

Acceptances, cancellations or registrations

mantau is ideal for collecting registrations for events and dates. And convenient for the organiser in terms of evaluation.

Surveys - simple or complex

From a simple survey to an extensive survey, everything is possible depending on your needs.

Appointment polls and voting

Just quickly find an ideal common date in the group. Or coordinate anything else you like.

With the form tool, mantau is also a Doodle alternative.

Shared checklists 

Forms for joint processing in the team, e.g. task, shopping or idea lists. All members in the group can work on and add to them equally, even at the same time.

To-do lists - always a great help

Working together on checklists is a simple but very efficient form of collaboration. Whether to create an agenda or an overview for task distribution and allocation.

Shopping and organisation lists

Even small projects that need to be organised together function more stress-free and smoothly.

Checklists enable the structured merging of data. Entries, additions, etc. are immediately visible to all group participants.

Protocols, documentation, proof of work 

Forms for specifying and documenting routine tasks in a structured way. Once created, forms can be saved as templates and used in any group.

Form templates for protocols

Writing minutes is a trivial task, but an important one. mantau doesn't save you the trouble of writing them, but it provides an adequate framework and quick distribution.

Creating standards with work templates

With mantau, work templates can be created for tasks that are used by operational staff, e.g. volunteers, to document the status or completion of tasks in the form. In this way, QM requirements can be set and predefined standards can be met.

Order, booking, notification 

Forms available for the specific needs of individual members in the group. Also ideal for confidential content and personal data intended only for the group administrator.

Example: The digital membership application

The membership application, for example, can be created and published without any programming knowledge, simply by using the construction kit.

Order or booking forms

In mantau groups, forms can be made available for orders or bookings, which individual group members then use as needed. In this way, simple business transactions can be controlled in a structured and efficient way.

Essential in the association: accident and damage report forms

With mantau, for example, you can create forms according to your insurance company's specifications - and make them easily available to your members. This way you can avoid any bureaucratic hurdles in the event of an accident or claim.

Makes updates easy: Change of address forms

Anyone familiar with membership administration appreciates forms for notifications of change. This allows members to provide their "new" data in a pre-structured and complete manner.

mantau ensures that even confidential content and personal data arrive safely.

Useful form builder with great effect 

Administrators of a group can create forms using the construction kit and publish them directly in the group. Very simple.

Templates for quick form creation

Whether simple or complex, the creation works in just a few steps. Ready-to-use form templates help, which can be quickly customised or extended to suit your own requirements. The range of templates is constantly being expanded.

You can make the forms you create available as templates within your group or share them with any other groups or administrators of other groups.

Combine form and design elements individually

Various form and design elements, such as dropdown lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, text and graphic modules, support the exact implementation of your own requirements - for a perfect result.

Availability of results and data export

No matter what the form tool is used for, the feedback is automatically processed in a clear manner. In this way, organisers receive results quickly and easily - without having to evaluate them manually. Results can optionally be made available to all group members, e.g. for polls.

mantau offers the export of form results via .csv files. That allows further data analysis in Excel or other software solutions.

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