mantau is:

Group manager for organising groups through appropriate roles and rights

Join in, participate, read along.

In every group that comes together for a common cause, there are protagonists who take matters into their own hands organisationally, as well as active and less active participants. In mantau, this is easy to map.

Assign roles in the group and thus give members certain rights.

You probably know it from group chats in simple messengers: Everyone is allowed to "write" - and thus feel called to comment on everything. This is not conducive to efficiency and good teamwork. In mantau, roles and their associated permissions enable more efficient collaboration. While permissions make more technical specifications, roles summarise these permissions.

All mantau features at a glance

Group members are assigned roles in mantau

Members in a group are assigned roles, e.g. organiser, administrator or member. This is the task of the administrator and organiser of a group.

Provide members with additional information, e.g. title or functio

Within a group, it can make sense to add visible information in addition to the name, e.g. for a role, function or title.

Rights associated with roles

All permissions that are required for a person to do his or her job are summarised in a role. This makes it possible to distinguish who may, for example, create further joint groups, invite further members, write or merely read along. This is also the task of the administrators in the group.

Special role for newsletters and privacy protection

mantau offers security in several respects: the solution is not only GDPR-compliant, it also protects privacy through anonymous group participation. 

Thanks to the "Invisible Member" role, groups can be set up with members who remain hidden from each other. Combined with read-only rights - and an invitation by code, the members remain protected.

This option is ideal for modern newsletters instead of conventional e-mailing. By the way, a role can be assigned to an entire group of members, which makes the maintenance of the "newsletter distribution list" particularly easy.

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And this is how it works! Organise your groups easily with mantau.

mantau is simple and intuitive to use. Step by step we guide you along the setup.

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