mantau is:

Messenger, data storage, team calendar, collaboration tool and more - in one app

Only one app instead of many. All functions on just one platform.
Simple, intuitive to use and cleverly combined.

Discover the features! mantau!



Add features as needed.



Structure groups for topics, projects, subgroups.



Chat, newsletter and more by messenger



Shared calendar, all the dates of your groups.



Save photos and documents in the data box. For all.



For surveys, polls, queries, scheduling and much more.



Chat with moderators for requests from the group


Video chats

Secure video conferencing for groups. Or just for two.


Roles & Rights

Organizer, administrator, member, observer.

A unique combination of features in one app

The collaboration tool mantau is available on all devices: As app on your smartphone, iPad/tablet or simply in your browser on your laptop/computer (PC or MC).

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It's all about the group

Group administrators are the designers of the group. As an administrator, you create your group(s) and add the features "Messages", "Events", "Files", "Requests" etc. as required.

This is very simple - and can also be adapted later.

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Subgroups - structure, overview and order

Within groups, any number of further groups can be created. Regardless if you need the same or different members and depending on the purpose: person or topic related.

Group administrators create these subgroups (groups-in-groups), choose appropriate group names and assign members. Subgroups can be rearranged at any time. mantau supports constantly changing organisations with many projects.

This way you can chat topic related and clearly assigned. You can store files similar to the way you are used to from the conventional file manager.

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Messages: Chatting with a professional messenger

Good communication is everything. Chat in groups or one-to-one - as you are used to from other messenger-apps.

If desired, however, structured and topic-related through "groups-in-groups". Via app on your mobile device or on your desktop computer. 

Newsletter by messenger
Made possible by using roles and permissions. Groups with "hidden members" and read-only rights - as well as moderators enable the use of mantau as a modern newsletter channel or support & service channel.

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Managing events - in the shared calendar

Coordinate events in the group, invite people, confirm or decline an invitation to an event in mantau. All events are well-arranged in the shared - yet personal - calendar. You can automatically synchronise all events in your groups with the local calendar on your mobile device.

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Storing files - in the shared data store

Store all documents, pictures or files of your group(s) in one place: the secure cloud storage. 

Always available for all members. Simple as a file manager and always with sufficient storage volume. And of course securely stored in a German data center.

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Create digital forms for the group

Established in everyday life: Forms regulate processes, record information and create an overview. 

Simply create any digital forms for your group, e.g. for surveys, polls, data queries, feedback, date coordination - or simply for 
usual formal requirements of individual members, e.g. registration forms. 

The results are presented clearly on request, e.g. the ideal date for everyone - or transmitted confidentially, e.g. personal data.

Moderators handle requests from group members

Wherever people get together in groups, questions arise. mantau offers a convenient solution for members of a group with the "Requests" function.

They can chat with a moderator of this group or a "service team" directly and ask their questions. This way, you can not only support a group, but also include a whole community. This leads to more closeness and acceptance.

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Video conferencing - integrated, simple & secure

Digital meetings save time and resources. Fully integrated in mantau, a video conference can be started easily and conveniently, without having to generate and send links. 

Whether for the group or only in twos, spontaneously or by creating a videoconference-event. Videoconferences in mantau work powerful, securely and in accordance with data protection laws.

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Roles and rights - how to organise members

In every group that comes together for a common cause, there are protagonists who take matters into their own hands organisationally and members who just participate. Easy to setup in mantau.

Members in a group are given permissions by roles: "organiser", "administrator", "member" and "invisible member".

Everyone can distinguish who can, for example, create further groups, invite members, write or merely read along

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The personal dashboard - group content at a glance

The personal dashboard provides an overview of the current content of all groups in which a member is assigned to.

The dashboard is deactivated by default, but can be activated via "Settings".

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And this is how it works! Organise your groups easily with mantau.

mantau is simple and intuitive to use. You can't do anything wrong. Step by step we guide you along the setup.

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Use on every device you have - at the same time!

Available wherever the features are needed at the moment.

All groups and content are available everywhere and synchronously on all devices where you have mantau installed. Ideal for quick messaging on the way - as well as longer texting when using a computer. Ideal for hybrid work environments.


Mobile App

For smartphones and tablets with iOS from version 14


Mobile App

For smartphones and tablets with Android version 8.0



For Windows, macOS, ChromeOS with common browsers/PWA

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