mantau is:

Video conferencing tool for powerful group video chats

Video conferences and webinars. mantau!

Video conferencing has been an integral part of everyday life for some time now. Digital meetings save everyone involved an enormous amount of time and resources.

The ideal complement for digital collaboration in the group

With mantau, you can now collaborate from anywhere. Not only write and share data, but also talk on the phone, discuss in video chat or even hold webinars. On the PC, Mac and via mobile devices. Ideal for decentrally organised NPOs.

All mantau features at a glance

Just start without link in group or chat

Web conference rooms can be started easily and conveniently with one click or tap, namely without having to generate and send links. Whether for the group or simply for two, whether spontaneously or via the calendar. The function is automatically ready.

Perfect interaction in mantau

The integrated video conferencing solution is also immediately linked to the calendar so that you can make "digital" appointments and start the tool directly from the calendar.

Virtual meetings in mantau

Convenient for all participants of the meeting. Participate simply with a click / finger tap. 

Comfort & Performance

The integrated videoconference handles all the functions of a full version available elsewhere for a fee, recording, screen sharing, live streaming and much more.

Security and data protection have top priority

Video chats in mantau are powerful, securely encrypted and data protection compliant according to GDPR. The solution is operated on servers in a German data centre. No recordings or evaluations of connections are made.  

Get started now

And this is how it works! Organise your groups easily with mantau.

mantau is simple and intuitive to use. Step by step we guide you along the setup.

Get started now

Use on every device you have - at the same time!

Available wherever the features are needed at the moment.

All groups and content are available everywhere and synchronously on all devices where you have mantau installed. Ideal for quick messaging on the way - as well as longer texting when using a computer. Ideal for hybrid work environments.


Mobile App

For smartphones and tablets with iOS from version 14


Mobile App

For smartphones and tablets with Android version 8.0



For Windows, macOS, ChromeOS with common browsers/PWA

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