Some call it a team app, a collaboration tool, social intranet or a community app.

We call it mantau.

It doesn't matter whether you use mantau in your club, association, school, party, community or just in a small team. With the mantau app, joint action can be noticeably improved. The easy-to-use digital tool can be individually adapted to the requirements of the respective organisation.

Why is mantau ideal for these kind of organisations?

Unique group concept

Unique group concept
for any form of organisation

It allows adaptation to any form of organisation. Whether you want to organise a few or many groups.

Decentralised member management

member management

No central administration is necessary, e.g. for setting up and assigning rights, as with conventional solutions.

Functions combined to suit the target group

Functions combined
to suit the target group

mantau is tailored to the requirements of non-profit organisations. This ensures the highest acceptance of the app among all members.

Quick entry

Quick entry.
For all!

Every new member can start quickly and intuitively - without training! Our team is available to help and advise organisers.

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant
on German servers

mantau complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. This also includes an agreement on order processing.

Analysis, consulting, start-up assistance, support

Analysis, consulting,
start-up assistance, support

mantau Consulting provides support in all project phases of the introduction of mantau, also takes over the overall project management on request.

"I am impressed by how much is achieved
through voluntary work in our country.
We are delighted to be able to help."

Stefan Schwaderlapp, 
Founder of EXEC IT Solutions GmbH

Every organisation is as strong as the commitment of its actors.

Organisations, NGO

Network management, committees and members in a secure and structured way.

The digital transformation via collaboration tool, in which everyone is happy to participate.

The interaction between the management, the full-time staff, the committees and all volunteers is one of the pillars of the success of non-profit organisations. However, the multitude and heterogeneity of groups and actors with their different functions and tasks have so far required a great deal of effort for communication, file exchange and coordination.

With the group manager mantau, joint action can be noticeably improved. And that with reduced effort. The easy-to-use collaboration tool can be individually adapted to the requirements of the respective organisation, from controlled and documented processes - e.g. for compliance with legal requirements - to a high degree of self-organisation within the individual groups.

Flexible application options, depending on the organisational form, enable different usage scenarios. For example, mantau can be used as a member app, community app, village app or social intranet.

In any case, information and documents are available in a timely and role-appropriate manner, dialogue between the actors is facilitated and joint projects can be managed in a coordinated and transparent manner. The intuitive, simple operation, combined with the positive user experiences, pave the way for a new quality of togetherness.

mantau meets all the requirements of cooperative collaboration in non-profit organisations. Thanks to the flexible adaptation to the organisational structure and the inclusion of all members, broad acceptance is achieved. And all this with the highest level of data security and GDPR-compliant data protection.

  • Associations, umbrella organizations
  • Aid organizations, Fire departments
  • social associations
  • Foundations
  • Religious communities, religious/church associations
  • Parties, political associations
  • Municipalities: cities, communities
  • educational institutions, daycare centers
  • and many more


The association app for the board, committees, groups and members.

This is how you lead your association successfully into the future.

Associations are a highly lively organism made up of committed volunteers, active and passive members, who are organised into groups and subgroups within the association. In addition, there are often external people who are engaged as trainers, choir or orchestra leaders - or for other activities.

Despite all their differences, all the players in an association have one thing in common: they depend on a functioning flow and exchange of information. After all, common goals can only be achieved if the cohesion in the association is intact and the work that arises does not have to be done by the few volunteers alone. In addition, for the sake of the association's own future, it must be highly attractive to new members, especially young people.

Choosing the right digital tool can help all associations to facilitate interaction and strengthen togetherness. Up-to-date information, active exchange and the digital, clear availability of appointments and documents are the key to productive togetherness.

The group manager mantau is a flexible digital toolbox, an association app that meets all the requirements of small, medium and large associations. Even clubs with a large number of professional and amateur departments, groups or teams can be organised easily and user-friendly with mantau. 

The integrated messenger offers a good alternative to WhatsApp groups, but without revealing personal data such as phone number or email address.

  • Sports clubs
  • Music and culture clubs
  • Animal and nature protection associations
  • Rescue associations
  • Support associations
  • and many more

Initiatives & Projects

The team app that grows with the tasks and the number of members.

Heading for big goals with small beginnings.

Wherever people pursue a common goal, good communication is not only essential, but also acts as an activating motor for all actors within initiatives and projects. Free initiatives and citizens' projects are usually launched by an initially manageable number of committed people.

With increasing publicity, the number of those who actively participate grows. An initially loose group becomes an organisation based on the division of labour. This grows into several networked groups that take on tasks and sub-projects.

In a dynamically developing initiative, digital communication and project management show clear advantages. According to their role, everyone is always "on top" of the information, has access to common appointments and documents from any place and at any time, and enables spontaneous appointments and formal as well as informal dialogue in a simple way, e.g. via secure chat or fast video chat.

mantau is an ideal digital tool for dynamically growing initiatives and projects. Whether the initiative is still a nucleus or already has a high degree of organisation, mantau grows with it and ensures data security and GDPR-compliant data protection right from the start.

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And this is how it works! Organise your groups easily with mantau.

mantau is simple and intuitive to use. Step by step we guide you along the setup.

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